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Reduce Company Tax in two steps first to 18% and then to 10%.

This proposal will:

Enable Companies to pay higher wages to lower income earners. Ensuring balanced prosperity.

Encourage research, capital investment and training thereby improve productivity.

Increase the capacity of enterprises to increase marketing and exporting.

Assist the formation of new businesses and therefore increase prosperity.

Enable producers to lower prices. This will increase discretionary income and demand.

Help companies increase their sponsorships of worthwhile causes.

Encourage companies to reduce debt and thereby lower their interest costs.

Through lower debt and interest costs make enterprises more resilient in economic downturns.

Incentivize owners to leave profits in companies thereby increasing the company's wealth creating capacity.

Lower incentives to draw off profits in the short term and increase the incentive to plan for the longer term.

Galvanize the Productive Economy increasing GDP by 5% to 10% per annum.

Stimulate the growth of existing businesses increasing jobs and employment.

Reduce the amount companies spend on taxation avoidance strategies.

Better New Zealand's Company Tax Proposal will leave money in the Productive Economy and thereby benefit all New Zealanders.