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Cannabis Proposal


To wrest the control of cannabis sale and supply from gangsters

To keep Cannabis out of the hands of youth.

Reduce harm by providing adults with regulated supply and known dosages. To contain harmful effects by treating dysfunction as a health issue

To remove the immense damage done by the use of prohibition to control cannabis


Legalize and license the growing of Cannabis for personal consumption and commercial sale

Legalize the consumption of Cannabis on licensed premises.

Establish a Cannabis Control Commission to administer a licensing control regime.

No taxes other than GST to be levied on the sale or growing of cannabis.

Minimum age of purchase and consumption on licensed premises 18

At five yearly intervals evaluate the cannabis control system to determine whether it is meeting it's objectives

Apply comprehensive restrictions to the advertising and promotion of cannabis and related merchandise

Require that any therapeutic claims made in advertising conform to applicable legislation

Implement packaging with standardized, single servings, with a universal THC symbol

Require all cannabis products to include labels identifying levels of THC and CBD

Retain Criminal and regulatory provisions

For Illicit production, trafficking, possession for the purposes of trafficking, possession for the purposes of export, and import/export and sale to minors.

Prohibit any product deemed to be “appealing to children,” including products that resemble or mimic familiar food items, are packaged to look like candy, or packaged in bright colours or with cartoon characters or other pictures or images that would appeal to children.

Prohibit until further evaluation by the Cannabis Control Commission mixed products, for example cannabis-infused alcoholic beverages or cannabis products with tobacco, nicotine or caffeine.

Establish Health treatment centre's for the treatment of addiction issues.,