Better New Zealand
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Broadcasting Proposal

Establishment of a Public Television ChannelT

Better New Zealand proposes to convert the current TV1 channel to a non commercial public service broadcaster funded by the State. The new Public Service Channel will not broadcast commercials

No program would be interrupted by promotions for upcoming programs. These would appear at the end of the program. Guidelines would be established for the channel to ensure the channel is impartial, balanced and fair.

A quota would be established of 30% of New Zealand content.

The current Television Channel 2 would be sold.


The aim is to provide quality programming and in particular to provide a forum and a platform for a national discourse on matters of public interest.

A public Television channel would enable New Zealanders to view programs which reflect life in New Zealand.

It would enable various groups to debate, discuss and comment on matters of public interest.

It would provide a platform for non commercial programs which commercial broadcasters cannot fit into their format or targeted commercial considerations.